Hey, everyone. S.E. Smith here. I’d like to welcome you to my YA website. Here I’ll be sharing my awesome teen and YA stories with you.
One of the most amazing things about reading is it can take you to places and on adventures that you’d never get to experience if it were not for a book. An author isn’t someone who just writes things down, they are a storyteller that lives in the worlds that they create. Only then can they truly draw you in and take you on an adventure of a lifetime! Saying that, I enjoy sharing my amazing worlds filled with action, adventure, love, hope, suspense, and journeys that will take you away!
Are you up for the challenge? If so, hang on! This is just the beginning!

(aka S.E. Smith)

32 thoughts on “Home”

  1. I loved Voyage of Defiance. It depicts realistic characters and the struggles they go through. The characters and setting are well thought out and believable. I recommend this book for young and old alike. This book leaves you wanting more. I can’t wait for the next one! Please start it soon.!

    1. Thank you, Leanna! Capture of the Defiance will be out in January 2017. This will be an action/suspense/thriller where Makayla will need to call on Brian and Tyrell for help! I’m really looking forward to the story. I will also be starting on the next book for Dust. So there is a lot more to come.

  2. I love all your books. Have you started on more of Ha’ven world. I love to lose myself in your books.

  3. I love all your story lines. This new one is very imaginative. You never dissatisfied. I just wish you could write faster. I have all your books.cannot wait for the next.

    1. Thank you, Donna! I apologize for not answering this sooner! I missed it. Thank you again and I’ll be releasing Capture of the Defiance January 10th and hope to write the second book in Dust this coming year as well as many of my other series. xoxo

  4. How do I get the second book of Ella and the beast I loved it. Mitchels untamed mate I believe it was called .

    1. Hi Delores. I’ll be writing Mitchell and Tracy’s story this coming year. I’ve just finished the second book in the Breaking Free series (think action, adventure, suspense thriller with romance and a very sexy bad guy). Thank you for your post!

      1. Awesome!! I’ve just discovered your books and I just finished Ella and the Beast. Can I just say you ROCK!!!

  5. I love your books! Its romantic and same time very funny. I always having a laugh. I haven’t read all of your books yet but I’m working on it.

    1. Hi Joyce. Life is about the laughter – and the tears – but I really love the laughter.

  6. I have not found an y of her books that I have not loved. I have almost all of her books and am eagerly waiting for more espically some of the series that I have reread more than once and have other books coming.

  7. Love it .it has been a long time I could get in .two days I Read this book .it got me on page one .

    1. Super cool, Patricia!! I love it when a story captures my attention and am thrilled that I was able to give you that experience through my stories.

  8. Susan I love all of your books. I so look forward to reading more. Is Ajaska going to have his own story? I love your imagination and wish I had your Talent.

  9. OMG just finished your book I could not put it down.all I can say my husband had to call for pizza for dinner many nights. Waiting for challenge Dalla. Heaven Sent please can’t fine book.

    1. Hi Eva. I’ve changed the title to Dalla’s Royal Guards. Her story will be out late December 2018. I love the Second Chance series.

  10. Have you put out Jarmen’s Jane Doe on kindle yet? I can’t seem to find it. I have truly enjoyed all of your books ans series and am looking forward to reading more as they become available ?

    1. Hi Crystle! Jarmen and Jane’s story isn’t out yet. Look for it this fall. I’ll be promoting it as I get closer to releasing their story. <3

  11. Me encantan sus libros la serie cosmos gateway es excelente, también he leído la de los guerreos zion me encanta y la serie Dragon lords of valdier me fascinó estoy esperando todas las continuaciones y más serie para leer. Estoy muy agradecida por sus libros .

  12. You are my new favourite Author. I love your books. You take me to their world with every book. Quick question though, when would the 8th book of the 7 magical isles be out?

  13. I love them. It is a long time since I laughed so much. The humour is healing as are the occasional tears. I loose myself in the stories and dare to dream. Wow!

  14. Is Jarmen’s jane doe out yet. It’s been years now. I keep checking to see if it’s been released, but can not find it.

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