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Capture of the Defiance

Capture of the Defiance

Breaking Free: Book 2

Stakes are high when a young woman is caught in a cat and mouse game of espionage. Can she decipher a series of clues in time to save her grandfather?

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New York Times and USA TODAY Bestselling Author S.E. Smith returns with an emotionally charged action adventure thriller filled with suspense.

Makayla Summerlin is excited to join her grandfather Henry in Hong Kong during a college break. She plans to help him sail the next leg of his journey around the world on the Defiance, but events take a frightening turn when her grandfather is kidnapped and the Defiance disappears! Unsure of what to do, Makayla reaches out to an old friend for help.

Brian Jacobs’ work at the Consulate General in Hong Kong is just a stepping-stone for his political career. His life for the foreseeable future is carefully optimized for success, but everything is turned upside down when he receives a frantic call for help from a friend. Their meeting quickly turns to one of survival when Makayla is almost kidnapped in front of him. Seeing Makayla again awakens old feelings inside Brian and he knows he will do everything he can to help her, no matter the cost.

When the situation turns deadly, both Brian and Makayla find unexpected help from another old friend and a Hong Kong detective. Together, the four race to find Henry and protect Makayla. Their efforts to unravel the mystery of why a wealthy crime lord would target Henry and Makayla and to find the Defiance will take them further than they ever expected to go, but will they be able to discover the truth before time runs out for Henry?



Voyage of the Defiance

Voyage of the Defiance

Breaking Free: Book 1

Forced to live with a grandfather she doesn’t remember, a young girl discovers more about herself and life when she steals his sailboat to return home.

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An act of defiance that will either kill her or change her forever…
Sixteen year old Makayla Summerlin enjoyed one thing in her crazy, messed-up existence: hanging with her friends at school. Her life is uprooted when she suddenly finds herself having to live with the grandfather she barely remembers.


Fear, anger, and finally desperation explode inside Makayla when she has trouble adjusting to her new home. One act of defiance changes her forever when she sets sail in her grandfather’s old sailboat in an attempt to return to the life she had before.


In a voyage that threatens not only her life, but that of a surprising stowaway, Makayla discovers there is more to the world around her in a journey that will challenge everything she has ever believed about herself. It will take friendship, hope, and acceptance for her to survive her voyage of defiance.

Dust: A New World Order

Dust: Book 2

A New World Order

An old enemy, new fears, and a fierce ally help Dust realize that to survive in this new world, he will have to accept help.

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It can always get worse…

New dangers, old enemies, and more follow Dust as a new world order is established, one that will pit one species against another. Life is about to become very hazardous—for anyone who gets in his way.

Dust’s increasing uncertainty of the changes inside him, the treacherous journey to Portland, Oregon in search of his aunt and uncle, and his growing feelings for Sammy have him on edge. He is reluctant to tell his adopted family that the power inside him is growing again and that he isn’t sure when—or if—it will ever stop. When they reach Portland, Dust discovers a line has been drawn between those who have been changed and the unchanged ones who want to control them.

Can Dust protect his new family from being used or will the power growing inside him become a force that will not only destroy his enemies, but also the ones he loves?

Voyage of the Defiance Book Trailer

I hope you enjoy the book trailer for Voyage of the Defiance.

If you enjoy my other books for their action, adventure, suspense, and relationships between characters, you’ll love Voyage of the Defiance.

I’m also excited to share that a film company has requested a script of Voyage of the Defiance. I’m not sure if anything will come of it, but just to be asked is a huge compliment! The movie company was looking for an inspirational story that showed diverse characters overcoming difficult/challenging situations.

Whether you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or enjoy a story that will leave you rooting the underdog on, this is a story that will take you on a journey that will touch your heart.